Although the vocal group " Voxpop " was founded in 2002, its story goes back much further. The group's founder-members have known each other since early childhood, since joining the boys' choir Chœur de Garçons de Lorraine under its director Jean Bouillet. The boys' close and regular association during rehearsals and concert tours created solid, lasting friendships.

Forced to live far apart by the personal and professional obligations of adulthood, the friends were determined to continue singing together and thus Voxpop was born. They still get together at least once every six weeks for rehearsal sessions. In keeping with their love of vocal music, Voxpop's singers work exclusively a capella, performing with equal enthusiasm the great classics and light music from both sides of the English Channel.

This original approach owes its inspiration largely to the famous English group "The King's Singers", with whom they had the great fortune to study in 2005, at Lübeck in Germany. The French national press has many times praised the quality of their performances. Each year the group undertakes a concert tour in France or abroad, and is regularly invited to perform at Festivals such as Schleswig-Holstein, Montier-en-Der, La Ciotat……

  " (...) Today, VoxpoP have achieved a quality of sound which would be the envy of many a professional ensemble.

Est Républicain, July 2005