Voxpop's choice of repertoire reflects its aim for a programme which demonstrates both diversity and blend. These apparently conflicting terms incontestably illustrate the aims and principals which define the group. The stylistic diversity of its repertoire corresponds to the personalities and geographical separation of its members, whereas the homogenous nature of an all-male a capella singing group reflects the common purpose which motivates them.

Voxpop's repertoire thus covers five centuries of the history of music, both sacred and profane. The intense themes of the texts of the Revelation of St John in Mendelssohn's " Beati Mortui " and of the prophet Jeremiah in Tallis' " Lamentations " are balanced by the lightness of Renaissance songs. In the same way, set against the Gregorian accents of Duruflé's motets are Gershwin's jazz and the Beatles' pop sounds.

The Vocal Group Voxpop, made up of 12 singers who almost all once sang in childrens' choirs, specialises in unaccompanied vocal music. This is a choice which however excludes neither pieces originally conceived for mixed voices, thanks to the use of falsetto for the top parts, nor works written with instrumental parts since these can be cleverly arranged to be performed by voices.


" (..) The eight voices are harmoniously balanced. Carefully prepared, their re-interpretations are inspired and fascinating, whether it be church music, madrigals or songs by the Beatles or the Beach Boys. The singers produce a marvellous combination of natural voices and falsetto in order to give all the necessary hues of colour to the wide repertoire they explore with great refinement. We would like to hear more.

Var Matin, August 2003